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Topic: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

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    Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    I just upgraded to a new computer

    P4 3.2 northwood
    1 gig ram
    2 80 gig maxtor sata drives
    1 plextor cdr cd-rom
    RME DSP 9652 audio card

    All this is on a Gigabyte motherboard GA-8IK1100. There is a fresh install of win XP Pro and I have upgraded all the new drivers for my hardware. I have also done all the audio tweaks that Tascams recomins. All I get when I try to open the program is the busy hour glass for about 20 secs and then my computer locks up. Before I even open Gigastudio I disable all startup programs using msconfig, and check task manager for resources running, which is 65 megs of ram. Please help me get up and running. This is very frustrating and expensive buying new hardware just to get this D.. thing running.
    Thanks Bow

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    Re: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    Does your computer support Hyperthreading, and have you disabled it?

    Also, what happens if you don't make any changes to MSconfig? If you did a fresh install of WinXP pro, you shouldn't have to disable anything.

    I have a Dell 2.2. GHz machine, running WinXP Pro. I have all kinds of applications on it, have done NO special configuration, and I can load GS 3 just fine.

    A few other questions:
    1. Did the software install cleanly?
    2. When you say "it freezes up", what exactly happens? Do you get the "GS3 Spash screen" that is initially displayed?

    The first time GS3 launches it will take a LONG time to launch. I think there are two big processes involved:
    - scanning/processing all of your VSTs (you specified a VST folder)
    - scanning all drives for .gig files to build the QuickSound database.

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    Re: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    Another thing that causes system freeze is midi loops, either physical ones or the kind of system 'pipes' like maple midi (the garritan maestro tools or vsl performance tool). If your task manager shows nearly 100% cpu utilization, that might be the problem. Just another idea to track down ...

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    Re: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    I do have hyperthreading turn off in the bios. I also tried opening gigastudio without any modification to msconfig, without any difference. I do have pre installed gigs files on my D:\ drive, about 30 gigs worth. When I open gigistudio I do get the splash screen then it seams the computer locks up. With this much gigs files on my D:\ drive should I have to wait more than 15 min for gigastudio to start?

    Thanks all


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    Re: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    I would suggest:
    - trying to start GS3 "normally" without any special msconfig modifications. Let it run for 30 minutes to see if anything happens
    - make sure your midi drivers are working and installed

    Can you sucessfully launch the GS3 Configuration Manager? This is a separate Windows shortcut; you don't have to launch GS3. If you can launch this app, then try the following:
    - Go to the Hardware Tab. Do you see your GSIF driver?
    - Go to the Troubleshoot Tab. Under Diagnostics, click "scan entire system" then click "Generate and View Diags".

    Finally, call Tascam support:
    Technical Support or Registration
    (323) 727 -7617 phone
    (323) 727 -7632 fax
    Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
    U.S. Pacific Standard Time

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    Re: Cannot lanch Gigastudio 3.0

    Thanks all
    I have it working. I had to pull my Ram and reset, and un plug my D:\ drive, then reformat my C:\ drive and install the OS, then gigastudio and eveything is up and running.

    Thanks again

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