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Topic: Check out this composer software

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    Check out this composer software

    I wanted to share this software I found on the net. Maybe some of you have seen it but I thought it would be helpfull to let others know . Its called camps V4 I tried it out the other night and was amazed. I recorded a 6 bar melody and the program came up with different chord progression to go with it 4,795 to be exact. It doesent compose for you but it gives you tools to make life easier for you. It has an auto dissonant detection that works great .If you are in the piano roll view you can go to the view menue than to note view and bring up chord view ,scale view, avoid note view than the piano roll will gray out anything that is not within key or scale it is a great way to check your music . Just go to the site and try out a demo you will love it .Camps V4 Let me know what you think about it.

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    I too stumbled upon this a while back yet didn't have time to try. Thanks for the reminder and I'll be trying the demo soon.

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    Re: Check out this composer software

    Yuck! I played around with it for a while, and couldn't get any good harmonies from it with my serenade's melody . . . I don't think I'd pay for this at all. I know there are other programs like this that do similar things, and they're are good to get ideas from, but right now nothing can replace the talent of a good composer, even if it's just finding harmonies.

    Here's another tool I've fooled around with:


    It's much easier to use, in my opinion, but still cannot replace a real composer.
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    Re: Check out this composer software

    Yikes to that idea. My favorite aspect of composition is counterpoint. I couldn't imagine letting my stupid-box do it for me!
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    Re: Check out this composer software

    Sounds a lot like Band in a Box from www.pgmusic.com - they're pretty much the granddaddy of this genre. Not my frequency, but I've had friends who enjoy tools like this. Whatever toys get the job done for you are good toys.
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