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Topic: Troubles with MIDI loopback

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    Troubles with MIDI loopback

    I installed MIDI-Yoke so I can get VotaUtility to work between Sonar & GigaStudio. Now, GigaStudio eats up 100% CPU constantly. I haven\'t uninstalled MIDI-Yoke yet (hopefully this will fix the GigaStudio issue). Anyone know why this happens? Is there something I\'m doing wrong, or maybe I should try a different loopback driver?

    Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Re: Troubles with MIDI loopback

    I don\'t really like midi yoke, it always created problems, for me anyway... But have a look at MIDI-OX... It is free, and damn full of features, work very well with all installation i ever used...

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    Re: Troubles with MIDI loopback

    Hmm, I have MIDI OX installed. It said if I wanted to do loopback, I\'d have to install MIDI-Yoke. It seemed as though MIDI OX in itself was not a loopback app. How do you get this thing set up properly?

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