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Topic: GPO and KomPAKT sampler?

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    GPO and KomPAKT sampler?

    I am very excited about GPO. I don't have it yet, but will very soon. I read about it, heard about from colleagues and can't wait to get it going!

    As I am beginning to put my "rig" together in my head, I have one very important question. In the description it says:

    "Personal Orchestra instruments will also load into KONTAKT, Native Instruments' flagship sampler."

    Will it load into Native Instruments KomPAKT sampler? I already own it! Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    Re: GPO and KomPAKT sampler?

    You don't need either one. GPO comes with a Kontakt Player which hosts the samples for you. It is very functional. The only reason you would need full Kontakt is if you want to edit the sample data. I'm not sure, though, if it will load into Kompakt, but I don't see why not. Unless GPO's encryption prevents if from being loaded into Kompakt.

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    Re: GPO and KomPAKT sampler?

    It may load in Kompakt. If it does though, you will lose many features that are programmed in Kontact such as the legato feature. The Kontakt player is actually more powerful under the hood than Komakt.

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