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Topic: Female Jazz Artists

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    Female Jazz Artists

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    Hey all-
    I'm doing a small project with one of the local theatre companies here in town and was wanting to pick a few brains. I'm trying to come up with a list of some female Jazz musicians and just wanted to ask for some more recommendations...I have (of course) Alice Coltrane, Mary Lou Williams, Nina Simone, and a few others...who else should I look into?

    Also on a side note: Who are some great female vocalists of Traditional Jewish music? Totally random from the above subject, I know, but it all ties together in my own little brain.


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    Re: Female Jazz Artists

    Yeah, I'm more interested in instrumentalists, but cool!
    I'll especially look into Marian McPartland.

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    Re: Female Jazz Artists

    Here are a few:

    Joanne Brackeen
    Toshiko Ashiyoki
    Maria Schneider
    Ingrid Jensen
    Terri Lynn Carrington
    Eliane Elias
    Geri Allen

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    Re: Female Jazz Artists

    Renee Rosnes
    Michele Rosewoman
    Carla Bley
    Barbara Dennerlein
    Jane Ira Bloom
    Jane Bunnet
    Cindy Blackman

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    Re: Female Jazz Artists

    (Mr. Burns' voice)
    (/Mr. Burns' voice)

    Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!

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    Re: Female Jazz Artists

    Has anyone mentioned Diana Krall? Her new album, co-written with her husband Elvis Costello, is excellent.

    For that matter, Costello's autobiographical album about his break-up with his wife and his meeting and falling in love with Krall is a work of smoky jazz genius. But I guess it doesn't qualify for what you're looking for....

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