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Topic: MidiOverLan as proxy between GS and midisport?

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    MidiOverLan as proxy between GS and midisport?

    This might be a weird question but here goes:

    Can MidiOverLan be used just on one pc as a proxy between Gigastudio and the midi-device? My midisport4x4 works great for everything except Giga, causing the occasional crash. So I\'m wondering if I can use the MidiOverLan as a go-between - the midisport connects to MOL, and Giga uses MOL as midi input, thereby eliminating Giga directly accessing the midisport.

    I can totally do this with Yellowtools keyswitch, but that only works for one midi channel, (i.e. not multi-timbrally with 16 midi channels). The Vota utility actually functions this way as well, but doesn\'t have any sort of pass-thru mode either.

    I\'m heading on a trip but will try this as soon as I get back and see if this works. Just wondering if anyone else has done this.

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    Re: MidiOverLan as proxy between GS and midisport?

    Bummer, tried this and I can\'t do what I had in mind. Does anyone know of any other utilities that can do this?

    Giga can be quite touchy about the midi-device, especially when changing it. I would love to be able to insulate Giga from the actual hardware with some sort of virtual midi proxy device.

    Basically, what the Vota Utility does, but without any channel-switching for the vowels, etc. With the Vota Utility, Giga is configured with no midi devices (nice and stable!) and the Vota Utility reads the midi device input, then outputs midi info directly to Giga. A perfect proxy, except for the channel-switching.

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