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Topic: Mixing different sample libraries

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    Mixing different sample libraries

    Dear fellow musicians,

    Even though I'm very fond of GPO and GOS, I don't seem to be getting a nice violin and cello sound. I guess I'm quite critical about sounds because I'm used to working with real strings, so I want to get almost every detail.
    I really like the agility of the LEG EXP instruments in GOS but
    especially the violins and the cellos come across as quite sythesizer like.
    The Grand Sustain Violins are wicked, but they don't have the LEG(ato) feature.
    I really like the Miroslav Vitous strings, because they sound so musical. For example, the violins sound great for nice, slow legato lines. But the Vitous samples are not as agile as the GOS. Also, i much prefer the short bows in GOS than in Vitous.
    Does anyone has the same problem. Has anyone had experience in mixing the GOS and Miroslav together, so that in fact you have one great library? I've noticed that the Miroslav samples are panned differently than the GOS. Do you think this can be solved?
    Also, does anybody know if you can import e.g. the miroslav samples into the GOS so you can make Miroslav EXP LEG instruments?
    Well, I'm dying to hear from you.



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    Re: Mixing different sample libraries

    I my opinion, it is always a trade-off between different aspects of the work, depending on what libraries of sounds you use. Take the VSL Pro library for example, which is a rich library when it comes to the numbers of expressions and articulations, that have a quite consequent sound quality throughout. In using that, I feel that it sounds less chopped up between a set number of articulations, but on the other hand the number of articulations is so big that making an orchestra mockup takes ages. So, from that point of view I see it as a tradeoff between sound quality and workpace. (Using too slow of a workpace kills my inspirations and feelings for what I am doing).

    If you are used to real strings, then that is what to go for. Personally I use my stuff to create a demo of what the real thing might sound like, and not to replace the real thing. Technology is still in the process of mockups that doesn't sound like the real thing, just quite close to it.
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    Re: Mixing different sample libraries

    Quote Originally Posted by Peet78
    Also, does anybody know if you can import e.g. the miroslav samples into the GOS so you can make Miroslav EXP LEG instruments?
    Well, I'm dying to hear from you.
    Actually, the EXP LEG instruments uses recorded masking samples to make the instrument work. In other words, there's an extra set of samples involved. The samples to do this don't exist for instruments in GOS that aren't already availble as LEG instruments and they don't exist in the Miroslav library. Sorry.

    I have a recollection that a beta tester for GOS 2 mentioned on this forum that GOS 2 will be based much more off of the Grand Sustain sample type that you liked.

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