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Topic: A quick question before I buy GPO

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    A quick question before I buy GPO

    Firstly I would like to say hello to you all. It looks like a really helpful and friendly forum.

    I have looked at a number of orchestra programs and GPO seems to offer the best value for money by far.
    I have listened to some of the demos and the sound great.

    I am almost ready to buy GPO but I need a question answering before I can.

    I don't use a keyboard, I prefer to use midi programing. I use soundfonts for any orchestra stings at the moment and I program it all within Cubase SX.
    From what I have read about GPO it seems that the mod wheel is pretty important. Is this only an issue when using a keyboard or would it cause any problems when I am entering the information on the piano roll in Cubase?
    I normally input all of the notes and then adjust velocity, volume and sustain settings later on.
    Would I still be able to do this or do I need to get a keyboard before I can use GPO?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Senior Member squoze's Avatar
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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    That's what I do. I have a keyboard, but not really a place to keep it out by my PC.
    I enter my notes in the Piano roll view and add the modulation and velocity later. You won't be disappointed!

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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    I use GPO and Cubase (SX2). First, buy GPO - you won't regret it.
    What GPO provided me with is a controllable environment where I have sensible and adequate choices of sounds for each instrument of the orchestra - all for a few bucks. The sounds themselves are of high quality and are very useable.
    When you say 'Is this the only issue?' There are a lot of issues in regard to programming notes in via score or whatever computer interface. You can 'go back' and adjust velocities and other settings, to do this effectively you need to understand what the real instrument player does instinctively and emulate their approach. There is quite an art to this - read books like Adler's Study of Orchestration - if you want to get deep. It great fun and not a chore at all - fascinating stuff.

    In regard to SX2 setup I put a few posts up you might like to read.

    I came to the keyboard late myself, I am very glad that I have now learnt it. Even if you have just a simple lick using a few notes, for me its more instictive to get the timing and velocity right this way - rather than using score or other SX windows to input things.
    People that own VSL also own GPO - after all you do get a Stradivarius - that alone is worth the price. Also, if you decide to purchase VSL after, then you get a discount of the full price of GPO off of VSL.

    Buy it - you wont be dissappointed


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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    Thanks guys, that's great.
    I will buy a keyboard at some point. It's one of the many items on my "To Buy" list. It keeps getting moved down though because at the moment I can manage without it.
    Hopefully I will be able to buy GPO later this month, I can't wait.

    ZeroZero - The Cubase tutorials look very helpful. I will be printing them off when I buy GPO. I think they will make it much easier to use.

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    Senior Member squoze's Avatar
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    Aug 2004

    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    You can get some older adequate midi-synths on ebay if you look around.
    I got an old Ensoniq SQ-1 for around $100.

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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO


    M-Audio - Midiman

    Keystation Pro 88

    £324.99 (inc.VAT)

    • 88 weighted touch sensitive Keys
    • 9 Assignable Faders
    • 24 Assignable Rotary Dials
    • 22 Assignable Buttons
    • 1 MIDI OUT socket
    • 1 MIDI IN socket
    • 1 USB socket
    • 1 DC Power Supply Socket
    • 9 Function Buttons
    • 4 Zone/Group Buttons
    • 1 Zone/Group select button
    • 2 Octave shift Buttons
    • 12-Key Data Entry Pad
    • Custom LCD Display
    • Pitch-bend Wheel
    • Modulation Wheel
    • 2 Sustain pedal sockets
    • 1 Volume Control Socket

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    Thumbs up Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    Welcome to the forum. You would gain from using a controller with mod wheel later on. In the interim, drawing in your modulation will do satisfactorily. Whichever way you will not be disappointed with GPO library. In addition, look at all the other benefits you derive as a user and member of the Garritan family!
    Good luck and we're waiting for your first demo post.

    ZeroZero, that is a nice keyboard controller for the money!

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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    Although I do have a keyboard with a mod wheel, I tend to compose by mouse given that my keyboard chops are exactly what you'd expect from a rock & roll guitarist...

    Dropping in the occasional mod wheel event to set your volume and / or drawing in controller data for more expressive curves works just fine with GPO, and I think you'll find it an extremely easy product to work with. It sounds great, and as you've probably already noticed, the level of support and encouragement you get here is excellent.

    Go for it!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: A quick question before I buy GPO

    Thanks for the replies everyone.
    I will definitely be buying GPO soon. I might have to wait until christmas has passed first but hopefuly I will have enough money left to buy a present for myself.

    Having a forum like this for a product is always a great idea. The level of support is fantastic.
    It looks like a great community and I'm sure I will get any help and information I need to get me started.
    Hopefully when I am up and running I wil be able to help others too.

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