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Topic: 2 pci-822s in 2 PCs ... no boot...

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    2 pci-822s in 2 PCs ... no boot...


    2 pci-822 cards, 1 in each PC.
    They both work fine except for one thing.
    If I power them both down, connect the tdif cable
    and start them up, 1 at a time, the second one to be started won't power up.
    Yep. The Power Supply will not fire up the mother board.

    I turn off the PS for about 10 seconds, disconnect the tdif cable
    turn the PS back on and it boots up fine.

    Doesn't matter which machine. Both behave the same way.
    The first one boots fine. The second one refuses to power up the Mother board.

    Any ideas on this one?



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    Re: 2 pci-822s in 2 PCs ... no boot...

    I tryied to find out information about your sound cards but aparently they were discotinued by tascam. The only info I could find was in Harmony central´s review from NAMM 2000:

    "PC computer requirements for the PCI-822 include:

    Windows 95 or 98
    an open PCI slot
    MME audio
    ASIO 2.0 audio
    GSIF audio
    MME MIDI driver, which is provided on CD-ROM.
    No word about Windows XP. If this is true, you should consider dropping the 822 and buying an updated model.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: 2 pci-822s in 2 PCs ... no boot...

    It's the same card as the Frontier Designs Wavecenter PCI, only with TDIF.

    To me it sounds like the second card isn't getting clock from the TDIF connection, and that's confusing it. In fact, I believe that TDIF doesn't always pass clock; my guess is that some TDIF chips do and others don't.

    Anyway, I can think of two possible solutions. One is just to put the second PCI on internal sync before you shut it down, then put it back on TDIF sync after you start up.

    A better solution would be to send S/PDIF from the first card to the second and use that just for clock.

    A still better solution would be to send S/PDIF to both cards from somewhere else. I have a MOTU Digital Timepiece sending S/PDIF to a video distribution amp feeding three Frontier cards.

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    Re: 2 pci-822s in 2 PCs ... no boot...

    If it's any help, I noticed a thread about xp drivers for the pci 822 on the Sonic Controls forum a while back:


    Tascam seems to be leaving tdif off it's newer gear and has apparently discontinued its low end dtrs machines like the DA38 and 78.


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