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Topic: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

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    Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    Any suggestions on the cheapest place (online) to buy either gs3 or gs2?


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    Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    I hear in L.A., you can find a GS3 dealer on a few street corners. Maybe you could score some for me? Watch out for the cops though, if they find you've got too much polyphony, you're going in the slammer.

    Try www.digitalproaudio.com some of their prices aren't bad.

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    Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    Look for sweetwater sales at Christmas time, that might be a good bet. Also, you could see if you can find a copy of GS 2 cheap, and un-registered and than upgrade to version 3 for a small price. Just some suggestions.


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    Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    do a search on froogle .... www.froogle.com

    I'm sure it will find some great bargais for you.

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    Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    I would suggest www.audiomidi.com and www.mtlc.net

    Also, if you already own another sampler, you can take advantage of a "competitive upgrade". Others have mentioned that this upgrade does NOT require you "turn in" your other sampler:


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    Cool Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    Hi Johngrant

    Like Martin Hines just mentioned


    Are the cheapest place to get GS3 as a competitive upgrade. I just purchased my GS3 orchestra from there for $329 shipped free, as a competitive upgrade from Kontakt. When I called both these places they told me that you do not need to surrender your Kontakt license.

    But if you do not have a competitive upgrade try this link, this is where I found the lowest price. $429. But I cannot say more than that since I've never bought from this company before. (floridamusicco.com)


    Good Luck

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    Re: Cheapest GS3 and GS2????

    Thanks for the suggestions! Very useful, and I'll be checking out all the options provided.


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