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Topic: Can I force diagnostic mode?

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    Can I force diagnostic mode?

    I\'m wondering if there\'s a way to force GigaStudio to start up in diagnotic mode, since this seems to clear potential problems.

    My system is generally stable, UNLESS I touch the midi settings. As soon as I change a midi port (for example, if I need to use the VOTA Utility), I get the conexant error in about 20 minutes every time. Once I get this error, I have to reboot, run in diagnostic-mode, then it runs fine again, until the next midi setting change.

    If I reboot and don\'t run diagnostic mode, it instantly crashes again, so apparently diagnostic mode does some internal reset above and beyond rebooting.

    Hence my question: How to force running in diagnostic mode? Is there a command-line argument? If so, I could just force diag-mode to clear settings everytime I need to change midi settings, instead of crash-reboot.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Can I force diagnostic mode?

    Don\'t know about a command line argument, but if you go into the registry and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\NemeSys\\GigaStudio\\ Settings\\GracefulExit to 0, GS will think there was a crash last time you ran and ask if you want to start in diagnostic mode.

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