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Topic: Help! Garbled sound

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    Help! Garbled sound

    Finally installed G3...bummer..

    P4 3.0 mhz
    2 SATA 300 gig drives
    Intel Mobo, 2 gig ram
    Hyperthreading tried both on an off...
    XP Pro, SP1
    Latest 3.03 update for GS
    RME Hammerfall Digiface, latest driver 2.82

    System works great with other applications, but G3 gives me a metallic sounding, garbled sound, like when the latency is set too low. I did play around with the buffer, and I can make the sound change somewhat, but even very large buffers give me the same crappy sound..

    Interesting thing is, I installed G3 on an older 1.6 mgz machine with the same soundcard and driver, and it works...

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    Re: Help! Garbled sound

    Oh, one other thing I remembered...the computer with problems has a UAD card installed...any known problems with the UAD-1???

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