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Topic: GPO and Kontakt fighting

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    Unhappy GPO and Kontakt fighting

    Up to last week I was working only on a Mac, and GPO and Kontakt full coexist quite nicely.

    I just got a brand new PC to expand my "orchestra", and on the PC they screw each other up. Installing GPO (including the recent update) makes the Kontakt player crash as soon as I try to play anything. Reinstalling the Kontakt player (1.5.3) fixes the problem, but makes GPO crash as soon as I try to play anything! Catch 22!

    I know I could just work with Kontakt full, but is there a way to avoid/fix this problem?



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    Re: GPO and Kontakt fighting


    I spoke with Gary tonight about this and he thinks he may know what is going on. Email or give him a call and he will walk you through it.


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