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Topic: GigaSampler Upgrade

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    GigaSampler Upgrade

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the BEST price on the \"Upgrade Disc\" which will upgrade GigaSampler LE version to either GigaSTUDIO 96 or 160. At one time, I was going to order this upgrade disc from \"SoundChaser\"... but, since they are going out of business, I will need to find it elsewhere. I have been checking around...(I\'ve even been checking on EBay from time to time.) Do any of you know of a good place to purchase this upgrade...other than buying it straight from Tascam (it\'s kinda expensive on their website) Thanks for your help, Gary

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    Re: GigaSampler Upgrade


    You are probably better off just buying the full thing at http://www.digitalproaudio.com/manufacturer/nemesys.html

    That\'s what I did. I could not find a decent upgrade deal anywhere.

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