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Topic: anyone in SAM competition?

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    anyone in SAM competition?

    did any GPO user tried the SAM competition??


    i'm in with "Alchemical Initiation", but honestly i don't think i have any chance even for the third place... there are truly professional composer in this contest! :-)
    anyway, i think i achieved the best i can, so i'm happy just in being accepted for partecipation! :-)

    in any case wish me good luck! :-D

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    Re: anyone in SAM competition?

    Good luck Bosone! I look forward to hearing your piece......Maybe the top entries in each of the sample producers' competitions should be pitted against each other as in a Grand Final....That would be interesting .....and risky for all!


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    Re: anyone in SAM competition?

    Thanks for letting us know!

    I think I will slightly amend the track I am working on now to include some of those great demo samples and enter it in the competition.

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    Re: anyone in SAM competition?

    Well, I'd never dream of entering since I get laughed at enough around here.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck bosone. I'll check out the song when I get home.

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    Re: anyone in SAM competition?

    Yeah, I'm working on an entry for the SAM contest. Since I have this week off I am attempting to put something together. After listening to some of the other entries however I doubt I would win but just to have some thing submitted...

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    Re: anyone in SAM competition?

    I have a perfect piece that I could use for this but I dont have time to do it

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