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Topic: OT: Guitar Center Sale on Waves Complete $199....WOW!

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    OT: Guitar Center Sale on Waves Complete $199....WOW!

    I just picked this up at GTR Center. WOW! Awesome deal. The \"Renaissance Complete\" is a new bundle that includes The Ren Reverberator, Ren Compressor, Ren Equalizer AND Ren VOX, Ren Bass and Ren DeEsser. I asked the guy at GTR Center if they still had any of the waves plug-ins for $199....he said yes. Then when he checked the computer (and showed me) the price had already gone back up in the computer. He gave it to me at the $199 price though since he had originally said that it was still on sale. This is supposedly through November...but once they sell out of current stock at this price, they will not get any more until after the sale. So...hurry to guitar center if there is one near you.

    The list price on the box for this Renaissance Complete is US$500.00.

    An added note.....the CD (version 3.6 in the box) actually has ALL of the plugins for the entire GOLD Bundle on the CD. When you first install it suggests that you NOT authorize right away as the 14 day demo period allows you to use all the GOLD bundle plugins for 2 weeks. Then when you authorize with the Ren Compete Challenge/response code.....it will turn off the Gold Bundle plugins and only the 6 listed will work.

    Pretty cool.

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    Re: OT: Guitar Center Sale on Waves Complete $199....WOW!

    Wow, congratz!

    I am also looking for a nice deal that includes the Renaissance Verb. Still doubting between the Renaissance Collection and the Gold Bundle (which is a lot more expensive, but also a very \"complete\" toolkit).

    Does anyone know a store that sells this stuff in the form of a download? Or is only Waves doing this? They are absolutely the most expensive store to get this. I don\'t want the hassles with import taxes on a boxed product, neither do I care for a physical product...


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    Re: OT: Guitar Center Sale on Waves Complete $199....WOW!

    Brian, do the Waves plugins still come with the PACE protection system? If so, have you noticed anything problems with your computer since installing the plugins? I have been thinking about getting a Waves set also, but have heard and read some scary things about the problems caused by the PACE system.


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