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Topic: New 1.52 Update

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    New 1.52 Update

    The download updates for KONTAKT version 1.5.2 underMac OS X and Windows XP are now available for all registered KONTAKT 1.5 users.



    Mark Dalzell / AudioScapes
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Re: New 1.52 Update

    Sorry guys, I just found out that this was released two weeks ago.
    I just received an email from NI saying this was availble.


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    Re: New 1.52 Update

    Hey! I guess 1.5 for OS9 is on a very large BACK BURNER? Anybody know anything?


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    Re: New 1.52 Update

    I explored this a while back, and learned that there will be no 1.5xxx for OS9. NI\'s policy was to abandon OS9 for future Kontakt updates. To my knowledge, their policy hasn\'t changed.


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    Re: New 1.52 Update

    ... I think (and hope!!!!) that that is not quite true.
    Here is a response from NI on march 11th:

    \"...we are still working on the OS-9 version of Kontakt 1.5.2. Its currently in Betatest and will hopefully be released in the next \"few\" weeks. Its hard to give a time schedule, but we were expecting less problems with this version. Developing on OS-9 is unfortunately much more problematic than on OS-X.\"

    From what I know, that there will be no further development for OS9 after that, but this is an update that they have always said would still come out.

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    Re: New 1.52 Update

    Your NI quote from March 11 is far, far more recent than my information. This would be good news ....

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