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Topic: Crossfade difficulties...help please

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    Crossfade difficulties...help please

    I am trying to crossfade two layered samples using the mod wheel control in Sonar. I cant seem to get the hang of it and need some additional help beyond the manual. After I download the new layered and crossfaded sample into gigastudio, I use the mod controller in Sonar and it doesn\'t crossfade between the two layers but applies the midi modulation control to the sound giving me that wild vibrato modulation.

    Am I missing something obvious? THanks

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    Re: Crossfade difficulties...help please

    It probably means that at least one of your instruments is set to modulate pitch LFO with MW. Check under the EG3 tab and if so set to the minimum (0.1) and to int. control. Similarly check amplitude LFO (EG1)

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    Re: Crossfade difficulties...help please

    I tried your suggestion of setting the pitch LFO and amplitudes to 0.1 but I still bet that wawawawa when I use the modulation wheel in Sonar. I set all of the layered instruments to the same 0.1 but no luck.

    Any other ideas or things I should check? Thanks

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    Re: Crossfade difficulties...help please

    Actually set the LFOS to internal instead of external\\mod control in the LFO tabs. Also, make sure you select all the regions and dimensions. or check the apply to entire and similar regions. Otherwise, your change will only affect one single selected region.

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