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Topic: EXS24 Performance is a bad joke

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    EXS24 Performance is a bad joke

    The EXS24 can import Giga Instruments now. I tried to play some of them (orchestra samples). I didn\'t play many voices, just chords: drop outs constantly. The hard disk was optimized. I thought the EXS is integrated in Logic and therefore performance might be at least as good as with GS. I was wrong. Athlon TB @ 1333MHz, 512 MB RAM. Anyone has some experience with HALion?


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    Re: EXS24 Performance is a bad joke

    I don\'t know Halion, but for exs24, you absolutely have to enable the Virtual Disk features... Once loaded the EXS (don\'t load your program yet), go in options and the very last options is Vurtual Disk... Active this...

    I can load the Bösendorfer of 1.5gig will full 64notes polyphony without any dropout...

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    Re: EXS24 Performance is a bad joke

    Thanks. Activating Virtual Memory stops the drop outs. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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