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Topic: Biting the bullet

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    Biting the bullet

    Well, I finally plucked up the courage to post a wee tune on my website. Mostly GPO with a couple of extras. I would welcome any comments / criticism if anyone would care to have a listen...



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    Re: Biting the bullet

    I liked it!
    The chord changes and general feel reminded me of some 70's or 80's rock opera kind of thing. (which is good IMHO). Perhaps very British?
    I felt the tension really mounting up around 2:00. I would have even more enjoyed something other than a return to the beginning. A quieter place where I could catch my breath and say "Ahh, God is good" or "Ahh, the drugs are kicking in.", whatever.
    I feel like I just drank a cup of coffee after listening to this twice. It grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
    I enjoy this type of music. Something a little different.
    How would you describe this piece?
    Interesting that it had some harpsicord(?) as Styxx was just asking for some.

    Ps-I've been looking for something like "Orbiter".You like it? Now I see that it is free!
    PPS-You might get more feedback if you post this to the "Demos, MIDIs & Song Files " forum.

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    Re: Biting the bullet


    Many thanks for having a listen! Your absolutely correct about not returning to the first part and I have plans to rework this. I'm not really sure about how I would describe this but perhaps the fact that my influences include Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, & movie soundtracks might give you a pointer.

    Despite having been a professional musician in the past I am just learning to read music and most of this stuff I still do by ear so it takes a bit of effort to put it all together.

    PS Orbiter is awesome! The learning curve is steep and a grasp of orbital mechanics is required. Set it up and have a go, there are lots of tutorials and the forum community is really about as helpful and friendly as this one and that is saying something.

    Thanks again...


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