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Topic: Sonar won't copy mod wheel events

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    Sonar won\'t copy mod wheel events

    I don\'t get it, I copy the selection and make sure \"Events in tracks\" is checked.. but when I paste, the mod wheel events are not there. What should I do?


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    Re: Sonar won\'t copy mod wheel events

    Try cloning the track and deleting what you don\'t need. Also, mod wheel events are also in its own clip, so draw a square around the whole clip area to capture it for a copy. Then get use to using envelopes, which work well and is easier on the cpu.

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    Re: Sonar won\'t copy mod wheel events

    Envelopes, no way! I used to use those with my old sound set. Giga samples are all about the mod wheel.. it\'s the ultimate level of expressivity. I could never go back to using envelopes to create dynamics. Mod wheel = real time. Envelopes = post production.

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    Re: Sonar won\'t copy mod wheel events

    Mod Wheel and Envelope are not mutually exclusive. You can draw Mod Wheel envelopes in Sonar just as you can draw any other MIDI envelope. If you\'re talking about playing in Mod Wheel events for all your tracks, that\'s not very practical when you have a full orchestra with 20 different instruments. It may be ok for small ensembles. I guess it just depends on how much time you want to spend on it.

    Anthony Lombardi

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