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Topic: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

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    Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    I have run out of useful memory on PC 1 it's maxed at about 66% . I will definitely need another GS# as I still need quite a few more voices loaded ( I use stack mode and layering heavily)

    Therefore just wondering if anyone else out there is using two GS3 machines and was there no alternative but to buy a second GS3 from Tascam?
    It's bad enough that I have to add another pc albeit a barebones one.
    I have Cubase on another pc and will really need to keep everything separate.

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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    I'm setting up the MIDI section of a new studio with 3 composition rooms equipped with 6 pc's per composer, 5 for Giga. One purchase, and 14 additional licences. No other legal way.

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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    The additional licence is "only" $249, so you don't have to buy the whole shibang again.

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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    $249 for Ensemble. For additional Orchestral it's $379!!
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    One thought is to wait for Microsoft's 64 bit version of Windows. Then with an Athlon 64 or Pentium with 64 bit extensions you will be able to allocate 4 gigabytes total to each 32 bit process. Of course, no telling when Microsoft will finally release it. It is scheduled for 1st half of 2005 sometime, after being delayed since last summer. And no telling if Gigastudio will work in this enviroment. The snag will probably be Giga's kernal level driver. It would likely have to be rewritten for 64 bits, and no telling when Tascam is going to support this. On the other hand, when the 64 bit OS finally arrives, it will be so useful, Giga will have a hard time justiflying not supporting it. Digital music in particular is one of a handful of applications which has a genuine immeditate use for the extra memory.

    Of course, Giga still hasn't fixed their program so it can use all available memory in current systems. But we can only hope they're working on a version for the 64 bit Operating System. I have a feeling 64 bits is going to be a much bigger event when it does come out then most people expect, and companies will quickly come to realize their software needs to move to it.


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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    Just rebuilt my 2 gigas 1 year ago. I predict this new operating system and Tascam actually using it will be ready in 12-18 months - perfect time for the next 'rebuild' (every 2-3 years). Thanks for the information
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Who is using GS3 on 2 pc's ? Pay twice ??

    Windows XP 64 bit is in Beta now. I've seen it and it may even be a public Beta. It won't run 32 bit applications. OTOH Tascam is not supporting 64 bit hardware running 32 bit OSs at this time. It may be on their radar screen, but given how long it took them to release GS3 I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Steve Chandler

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