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Topic: How to correct "MIDI in" death?

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    How to correct "MIDI in" death?

    I have this problem occasionally where Sonar loads up, and it says \"YOu have not selected any MIDI inputs.\" And I click \"choose midi inputs\" and try to pick Delta AP Midi. The prompt comes back again. GigaStudio also does not respond to my keyboard at all. A reboot always fixes the problem, but rebooting is a hassle.. anyone know what\'s causing this so I can prevent it from happening?


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    Re: How to correct "MIDI in" death?

    hello sam. Are you launching sonar from gigastudio (the sequencer button should be set to sonar)? I think you have to do that so it keeps the midi ports open.

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    Re: How to correct "MIDI in" death?

    Yes, doesn\'t matter if I launch Sonar standalone or from Gigastudio. Plus, even in Gigastudio, hitting keys generates no sound. The MIDI in is totally dead

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