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Topic: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

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    Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    I need to create the musical world of a Survivor-like show, with the actors 'trapped' on a desert island. I've got all the percussion I need, but I'm missing one or two island flute/horn sounds. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know of an extensive library distributed by Soundsonline, but I really don't want to spend more than 100 bucks or so at most, given that I'm only needing one or two instruments...

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    I don't think you'd need autotune for that. Correcting the pitch in your sampler looks more practical to me, especially if you want to have the authentic sound as well. I like the Hawaian Shellhorn from EW2, and there's a Ukelele on it that works good as well.

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Lee, I looked at this one: http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/...html?sku=ZG303

    But really, for what I need, it's much too much!

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Sounds of Polynesia seem more focus on beat than Flutes IMO. This is maybe what fits the most your request: http://www.ilio.com/ilio/worldwinds/index.html

    But it's still 100$ too high.

    There are samples in ProjectSam free samples section, you got ''SAM Free Flute FX'' and at G-Town Church http://www.gtownsounds.com you got ''Overblown Flute Staccs''

    These blend together can put some exotic feel to your music. The downside is that you cannot play melody with it.

    Hope it help!

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Are the instruments like flute/horn in sounds of polynesia multisampled or is it just phrases?

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Thanks for the suggestions, Elfen, but I've already got both of them!

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfen
    Sounds of Polynesia seem more focus on beat than Flutes IMO.
    I just listened to the demo, and I think you're absolutely right!

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Under 100$ is a though take. I hope to find something like pay by the patch option one day for good libraries too.

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples

    Given that I have little time and don't want to buy a whole library for one instrument, I think I'll be sampling an ocarina, and will make do with sound design on more Western and Eastern flute sounds (which I have a bunch of).

    Thanks people for your advice!

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    Re: Survivor-Like Flute/Horn Samples


    You might want to check here:


    He's got a free ocarina and some blown bottles that might be useful.

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