I know this is not a Cubase Support forum but I thought someone here might know an answer…

I am still facing a real big problem here! Cubase SX 2.2.35 randomly locks up without a notice of what happened. I am also getting some clicks from time to time which may be caused by improper synchronisation between my MOTU 896 and the RME 96/32 in my GigaStudio PC (They are connected through ADAT – I tried all possible settings: e.g. Workstation Master -> Giga Slave; Workstation Slave -> Giga Master – no improvement)

Where can I get some kind of debug-program which logs every single action until Cubase locks up? I can’t fing any error-lock from Cubase itself.

I am running 2 Plugins in RealTime while playing MIDI. PSP VintageWarmer and Waves IR1. Both are the latest versions.

I also contacted Steinberg-Support on this issue – still not a single reply from them…!!!