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Topic: DP - OSX - Kontakt

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    Re: DP - OSX - Kontakt

    Hi Andy,

    There\'s a glitch with Kontakt in DP 4.12/OSX 10.3

    Multiple outputs from Kontakt do not yet work, you only get a single stereo out. So, for the time being, I run Kontakt on a PC Host in V-Stack, in order to get multiple audio channels into DP from Kontakt.

    The VST wrapper in DP doesn\'t work here either with Kontakt -DP wants an AU version if there is one on the machine, apparently.

    Oddly, Kontakt instances in Logic6 produce multiple outputs for internal routing/bussing. But there are other show stoppers with NI plugs in Logic.

    Not too helpful, maybe, but those are the facts as I know them. I\'m not wishing to be a year older, but I\'ll be glad when the OSX transition is a year further along ... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    DP - OSX - Kontakt


    Is anyone getting any results from the Digital Performer/OSX(10.2.8)/Kontakt(2.5.2) combination? I\'ve tried lots of different configurations, but none of them seem to work.....Here\'s what I\'m after:

    Multiple Instances of Kontakt running inside/along side Digital Performer.

    4 Stereo outs from each instance that I can route to aux tracks/busses within DP.

    I\'ve just moved to OSX. In OS9.22 I could run either 1 stand alone instance with 4 stereo outs or multiple instances using the Audio Ease VST Wrapper - which still gave me 4 stereo outs. With OSX I can get multiple instances if I run it as an AU instrument inside DP4, but with only 1 stereo out. I\'ve tried the Audio Ease VST wrapper for OSX and my machine just freaks whenever I use it.

    PLEEEEEASE!!! Can anyone help!!! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Thanks in advance,


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