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Topic: can't get CWPA 9 and GigaSampler to work together

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    can\'t get CWPA 9 and GigaSampler to work together

    I am so happy I found this forum. I am an enthusiastic Giga newbie. After hearing a homerecorder named Macle bust out amazing cello sounds in his beatle-esque song. I was convinced I needed to try this program for myself. I bought Dan Deans solo strings and love it. I am having a problem working with GS in CW though.

    I am using Gigasampler 1.5 on a PIII. I open it first, load my instruments. Then I fire up CW. I go to options/midi and choose Gigasample/endlesswave as my midi port. CW highlights it but when I hit OK it tells me in the form of a pop up window that I haven\'t chosen any midi devices. When I click on options/midi again its as if I never highlighted Gigasample/endless wave. I can hear the sounds in GS fine when I play my keyboard. The sounds won\'t play back in CW sequencer though.

    Any ideas guys, I am dying here.

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    Re: can\'t get CWPA 9 and GigaSampler to work together

    First, upgrade to the latest version of GS. It’s free.

    In GS, set up CW9 as you sequencer.

    When you work, open GS first. Then open CW9 from within GS by clicking the sequencer button on the tool bar. That will handle sharing the MIDI.

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    Re: can\'t get CWPA 9 and GigaSampler to work together

    Thanks Bill,

    I got it working because of your help. I bought 1.5 off of Ebay can i still upgrade for free? Would I be able to upgrade to 160?

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