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Topic: Capture to Wav

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    Capture to Wav

    When I use capture to wav, I only get outputs 1,2 recorded. Is there a way to capture outputs 1,2 3,4 etc at the same time? I am using an Audiophile 24/96, but if I understand correctly, the capture doesn\'t have anything to do with my card.



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    Re: Capture to Wav

    Hello Terry,

    The way that capture-to-wave in GigaStudio presently works is it records the outputs of master outputs 1,2. This is a limitation of the program\'s functionality and not that of your sound card.

    Multi-track capture is one of the much requested features for Giga 3.0. We\'ll see if it is this spring.


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    Re: Capture to Wav

    Thanks Kevin. I thought that was probably the case, but I wasn\'t sure. That would be a nice feature. I do my arranging in Finale and use Gigastudio for playback and to make a quick recording for clients and my website.


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