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Topic: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

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    Question GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    I wanted to run some Performance Modeling experiments by the GPO community and get your opinions and feedback. We have been doing experiments with a company for a GPO Studio feature that will allow you to enhance MIDI performance by modeling.

    Here is the original flute track that was entered with notation. Before the mockup experts rush in and charge the flute sounds "synthy", bear in mind it was deliberate. The flute part was 'moused' in with notation and therefore is very quantized and has equal velocity.


    In the following examples, flute tracks were processed by Performance Models using different algorithms to achieve different performance manners. The parameters affected by the model are: Pitch Wheel, Velocity, Note duration, Volume (Breath). An Auto-Phrasing Algorithm was also used. The Cello tracks were also processed with Performance Models.


    The Performance Model analyzes initial MIDI data and modifies it according to algorithms performance characters and nuances. This may be particularly useful for notation users who don't have keyboards to add all necessary performance nuances.

    What do you think of these examples? Should we continue to refine the process? Or forget about it? Do you think such a feature in a future version of GPO Studio will be useful?

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    It sounds more human though at the same time it is painful to listen to (for me) and if it was a human I would be tempted to yank that "thing" from his hands and wack him on the head with it
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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    Wow... it seems to really nail what I would think of as an idiomatic "oriental" performance on the head. 1 and 3 really sound very human and natural. I can't get the unprocessed file to work, BTW. It seems like an exciting avenue to explore. The question for me is, could such features enhance the performance of a "typical" melodic line, adding phrasing, micro-tuning changes, automatically switching articulations for short duration notes, etc??

    The last point is one I'm really interested in. I'd love to have a way for software to go, aha! Repeating 16th notes in the violins! That should be marcatto!! Or a dialog box could appear, asking for the proper articulation from a menu. Assigning articulations for individual notes in a phrase is, for me, the most grueling part of achieving a realistic sound and any way of automating that process would be a major breakthrough!

    Anyway, I think this sounds very exciting. GPO/GOS programming (specifically Meastro Tools) was a major part of what drew me to Garritan sounds in the first place when I was just starting to research all these libs.

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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    This is pretty nice! I am very impressed by the added realism of the examples. In my opinion, continuing to refine the process would not be a waste of time. A feature in a future version of GPO Studio would be incredibly useful! This amazes me.
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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    This is a good arena to explore! I think some things can be worked out automatically by tools like this, but I think the altered result should be more subtle than that showed in these demos. In particular, I find pitch bender and dynamic alterations a bit exagerated. But may be this is intentional at this point.

    May be this would be useful as well in ensemble building techniques, by using slightly different algorithms to differenciate each player.

    Just some thoughts...


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    Wink Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    i agree with galvedro,
    I think it should be better to go in the direction of working on algorithms that taken a midi file of a single instrument change it in order to "automatically" create the other players. I usually don't like to go on replaying the same track for every player.
    The idea of humanize a midi file is also very interesting but trying the finale tools i noticed that is usually difficult to have something that plays as you want and at the end it's simpler to just play it with a keyboard.

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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?


    I'll be grateful if you keep going with performance modeling. As someone who has lost much of the use of my arms and hands through rheumatoid arthritis, I thought that my days of being able to perform were over. (I used to play the flute, piano and guitar.)

    GPO has opened up the possibility of composing and MIDI editing to create a satisfactory performance, but I feel that without being able to use a keyboard, I can't get the best from it. Having various performance models would be wonderful. Would it be possible to adjust the model with a slider, in a similar way to changing articulations by keyswitching?

    Thanks for all of your vision and hard work.


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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?


    I think this would be a great feature to add! If possible, I'd like for there to be a way to control the amount of modelling applied for each parameter.

    I also could not get the baseline sample to work, but as I spent most of the weekend doing some scratch composition work via mouse, I know what that sounds like.

    Thanks for the great idea!

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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    Sorry, I saw the word "modeling" and thought Tyra Banks, or Haley Berry were new users or something. Khhhh Uk Uk Uk Uk! I yams what I yams!
    Nevertheless, sounds like a plan to put us world flameous musicians out of business ya know. I will lose my job as the principle concussionist at the Peace Bridge Centennial Marching Parade Across the Boarder If You Can Band!
    Oh well, the price you have to pay for progress.
    Later I will give you my profussional critique of these examples. But, for now I have to gather the eggs, milk the cows, feed the livestock, bail the hay, shoe the horses, and wash down the barn. Everyone else is sleeping. Shhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet! I'm listening to samples.....

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    Re: GPO Performance Modeling - A possible new feature?

    it deffinitly sounds like a more Japanese traditional style of playing ahh even some celtic styles do that. It does sound humanistic too. I happen to compose a lot of music with little click of the mouse in Sibelius it's no biggy clicking with the mouse^_* I can say that that performance modeling would make for some great technique for style of playing an instrument solo?...I think you should continue with it because you might come across something that inhances it even more. Who knows where it will lead to.

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