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Topic: GigaStudio96 registration issues again..

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    GigaStudio96 registration issues again..

    I don\'t recall what I did last time to fix this, but I\'ve reformatted my machine. Now I\'m trying to register GigaStudio96 and it\'s telling me I have to insert the GigaPiano CD to complete registration. I did that, but it says it can\'t find it. Anyone know what the solution to this is?


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    Re: GigaStudio96 registration issues again..

    Well, I got around this problem. Before I reformatted, I wrote down my reg key. So I went into the registry and entered this into the \"UserKey\" key.

    Problem is, I\'m stuck at 64 voice polyphony for some reason. Anyone know how to change this?

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    Re: GigaStudio96 registration issues again..


    This may help with your polyphony problem.

    Go into settings and into sampler. Slide the polyphony bar down, then slide it all the way up. Slide the transition bar down. Click \'Apply\'. Exit GS. Enter GS again.


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