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Topic: 2.53 update

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    2.53 update

    Supposedly this new update was to enable the \"capture to wave\" in Gigastudio 32.

    I tried the patch and it doesn\'t work. Nothin\', Nada, Zilch. I get the same ol\' message-upgrade to 96 or 160.

    Does anyone know how to enable the \"capture to wav\"? Is there some registry hack?

    I\'ve been waiting for the update and it did not do as says. Shame on you Tascam!

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    Re: 2.53 update

    You don\'t want that feature. It sucks. The captured wave not only sounds worse than that recorded by any other softwares (CoolEdit Pro, Wavelab, etc.) sometimes it even has timing problem. Forget about it.

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    Re: 2.53 update

    Hey Arys,

    IMO, this sounds like a very personal opinion, based on your experiences with this feature. I guess there are also many people here, like me, who use the feature without any problem, for instance to record \"live\" playing of a single instrument (say piano). I am also surprised by your remark the captured sound files would have less quality than recorded versions.

    Within the context of sequencer plus Gst you can indeed get timing problems, but that may well be due to midi drift when driving Gst from the sequencer. Also for the purpose of inserting captured sequences, the Capture to Wave option is less useful, as you have to spend time aligning the audio to the other sequences and/or audio parts.


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