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Topic: Automation in Kompakt?

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    Automation in Kompakt?


    Im using SX with QLSO Silver and I wanted to draw a volume curve in at one point but nothing happens to the sound. Its the same with panning, and general volume sound of a channel only seems to change when you change it within Kompakt itself.

    Im sure this isnt correct, so what am I doing wrong?


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    Re: Automation in Kompakt?

    You have to add an external source as a modulator for volume. Right click on the volume knob from the edit panel, pick \"external sources\" and under it \"midi-cc\", then type the number of the midi controller you wish to affect the volume on the textfield right to the \"midi-cc\" button which appeared. Normally you\'d have this as controller 7.

    Same SHOULD work for panning but it seems the external controlled panning is screwed up in Kontakt or atleast when using it with Cubase SX 2. It keeps resetting the panning to center right after it is changed so..

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    Re: Automation in Kompakt?

    Cubase SX1 & SymphOrch Silver (KOMPAKT)

    I'm having the same problem with drawing volume/pan curves in Cubase SX, and don't understand the whole external source thing you decsribe Toni!

    I've right clicked just about everything I can find - turned on/off the CC#7 and CC#10 setting in the 'Settings' drop down menu even though I'm not sure exactly what these are supposed to do... can anyone help!

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