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Topic: Your Christmas List...

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    Your Christmas List...

    So guys what are you getting for Christmas (or better yet, what do you desire for Christmas?)

    This time of year always presents me with problems because I don't ever 'want' anything. I'm more of the 'spend every last red cent I have on everyone' kind of person. Last year I told everyone to give me money (and early) so I could buy gifts for children who's parents are in prison. I may do that again. Very fulfilling. Eh, I might be selfish.... Nah.

    A big band add-on wouldn't be amiss though.

    So what's on your wish list from Santa?

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    Time. Time to create some really cool music with all this great stuff instead of having to turn out all this junk for other people. Some time to do stuff I'd be proud to post here. I don't think Santa has any in his bag though...

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    I want a comfy cozy pair of lama pajamas!

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    LOL! I wanna pair too. Can I Santa, can I?

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    A decent keyboard. The M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 looks nice. $600.

    Probably worth it, though, considering my current keyboard's impressive list of features:

    - No MIDI (no GPO)
    - No modulation wheel or other MIDI controllers
    - 16 disturbingly bad sound patches (brass = organ?)

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    GIGA GS3 so I can use GOS

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    DPDAN, you might as well wish for coal in your stocking. Just joking.

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    Hmmm, for christmas....

    A couple of new powerful computers, some money woudl be nice, a more creative imagination, and the ability to finish what I start ( I have so many unfinished projects....

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    DPDAN, you might as well wish for coal in your stocking. Just joking.

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    Re: Your Christmas List...

    I want to be skinny and have my hair back. I would trade a kidney for this. And maybe a foot. Heck, both feet.

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