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Topic: rendering issues

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    rendering issues

    Is anyone here still experiencing rendering problems with kontakt 1.5.3 and DFD 129? I am using Cubase SX2 and sometimes I miss some notes, specially when I have lots of instruments loaded at the same time. The same happens with kompakt instances. Any suggestions?

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    Re: rendering issues

    Are u using page filling and what are your DFD settings and how much ram..? Rich

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    Re: rendering issues

    Have you tried setting the "Bounce" button? I find this helps.

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    Re: rendering issues

    Well, I am quite sure that this problem has nothing to do with DFD settings, because I tried every setting that was possible. In fact, the smaller the size of the preload and buffer, the best results I get. I mean, the live performance is much worse, but rendering gets much better with smaller settings. About the page filing, I am not sure because I haven't tried it. Are you talking about turning off Windows page filing or is it something else?
    What is the "bounce" button? I am not sure about this step, is it something related to the sequencer or is it inside Kontakt?

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    Re: rendering issues

    And I forgot to tell, my config is Athlon 2000 XP and 1Gb Ram, Cubase sx2.

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    Re: rendering issues

    Yes, if u right click on My computer and go into your properties u can change which drive your page file is on(take it off C and put in on a drive other that a Kontakt driven one)..Also , I`d recomend 2 GB of Ram ,especially if your running QLSO through SX 2. The Bounce button only works in Sonar 4 i believe. Also,..try rendering each track in real time as see if that helps.. Rich

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    Re: rendering issues

    Thanks a lot, I will try this!

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    Re: rendering issues

    And if those suggestions don't work, you probably have the same problem many of us are experiencing here, which is still pending a solution from NI.


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    Re: rendering issues

    The "Bounce" button is on Kontakt, it's along the top line that starts with "Load", "Options", etc. This was added in v1.5.3 to address this rendering issue.

    Another thing to look at is if there is an option in Cubase to do a slow rendering/bounce, and select this. In Sonar, there is an option to select fast/slow bounce, and I always use the slow method for Kontakt, especially for dense/complex instruments.

    The problem is that the limit on the number of simultaneous samples is reached and the older ones are truncated. When rendering/bouncing in fast mode this happens more often.

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