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Topic: Soundfont / gigastudio playback

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    Soundfont / gigastudio playback

    Hi all
    I am brand new to Gigastudio (just got it working tonight!) and I have converted a soundfont bank to Giga format. However, when I load the samples, below around miggle C the sound is instantly cut off the moment after I release the key, and the piano plays back very muffled. What have I done wrong. Am I loading the banks in the wrong way?
    Also I have a minor hardware problem with regards to drivers. I am using a soundblaster live 5.1 card and for gigastudio to run I can\'t load any of teh software from my soundblaster card. If I do I get a message saying I don\'t have a compatible soundcard when I open gigastusio. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
    Lloyd [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Soundfont / gigastudio playback

    Most soft samplers, including Giga, have some problems loading Soundfonts.

    Two probable problems:

    1. The ADSR settings were probably messed up. Open the instrument in the editor and below the piano keyboard, click on the sample\\region that cuts off. Click on the EG/LFO tab and adjust the settings. Click on Apply EG/LFO. Play the note on your midi keyboard to see if this fixes the problem.

    If not:

    2. A filter is set to cut off too early. In the editor, after selecting the sample\\region, click on the EG/LFO2 tab and experiment with extending the settings. Click on Apply EG/LFO2. Play your keyboard.

    Hope one of these works.

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