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Topic: Regarding N.I./ Logic 5.5 hung note issue

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    Regarding N.I./ Logic 5.5 hung note issue

    I'm one of the sad and unfortunate people who spent
    years internalizing Logic, only to be left in the dust
    when Apple bought it.

    Anyway, us Logic5 peeps are stuck with a Hung Note issue
    that happens with 99 percent of all Kompact/ Kontakt/Intakt
    stuff. Including EWQLSO / Percusive Adventures/ Altered States etc.....

    I spent a couple of nights studying this issue, and i figured out
    better way of fixing it other than having to reload/reorganize memory.

    I noticed that another way the hung note comes Unhung, is when
    you allow a sequence or piece of a sequence to play till the last
    note ends. You can then start the sequencer at the top or
    anywhere in between, and its fine.

    So,for some reason, when you press stop
    in the middle of a midi note, for some reason, there's no "note off"
    message sent, and the note keeps playing, even when you hit
    stop on the sequencer. When you hit start, it triggers the same
    note again overlapping itself every time you stop and start.

    So i've been strategically placing short, low velocity notes at the
    begining of sequences with hanging N.I. instruments.l
    It works great. You dont hear them, but they transmit the
    note off message that makes the hanging note stop.

    The other thing i learned, is as long as you have the Hanging
    instrument Selected in the arrange or mixer, it will not hang.

    When in a multi, using Kontakt, as long as you have the root/channel 1
    selected, it will not hang.
    Use your controller to change midi channels, instead of selecting
    in the arrange.
    Maybe somebody out there knows a way to solve this issue with
    some sort of filter? or something? Does anybody know what
    causes a sequencer to do that?

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    Re: Regarding N.I./ Logic 5.5 hung note issue

    Thanks Toddk to bring up this issue.

    I am in the same situation and I found that the microsoft wavetable synth that load its midi by default was related to the problem.
    I just put a 0 in sysedit win.ini string and the hunging was drastically reduced.
    A lot less hunging and most of the time the notes shut down after a while, maybe when their duration are finished.
    Also, in kompackt, clicking solo and unclicking beside the instrument stop the hunging.

    In Logic, if I want to edit in the middle of the arrange, I select a sequence with select all following, and mute them then edit the precedent section.

    I really hope that we will not be stuck with this problem forever.

    christian lanctot

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