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Topic: Stylus drag/drop to other PC???

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    Stylus drag/drop to other PC???

    I saw in the demo that Stylus RMX allows for the groove to be dragged from the Stylus interface into a sequencer. It then exists in the sequencer as midi notes/info.

    But what if I put my Stylus on a different computer than my sequencer. Of course I can't drag and drop into my sequencer...BUT

    can I drag and drop the file from stylus onto the desktop/folder on the Sylus computer and it will be a midi file...that I could then transfer via my network and put into my sequencer?

    Anyone doing this? Anyone knowing how the file will be saved once it gets dropped onto the desktop (assuming one can do this)?

    My sequencer is Logic on a Mac Powerbook (OS X) and I'm hoping to use RMX on a newly built desktop PC (XP).

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    Re: Stylus drag/drop to other PC???

    Short answer is yes; the file is a MIDI file, so as long as your track is pointing at the correct destination, I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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    Re: Stylus drag/drop to other PC???

    Well, if you say it is a standard midi file (which makes a wole lot of sense), then it should most likey just be a midi file whether it is dragged and dropped onto the desktop or a into a sequencer's track.

    So, then I could theoretically drop it into a shared folder on my network and then import it into my sequencer on my Mac. And as you say, as long as my track is pointing to the right sound source, everything should work.

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    Re: Stylus drag/drop to other PC???




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    Re: Stylus drag/drop to other PC???

    Cool! That just saved me $3000.

    (The price difference between a fast 3500+ Athlon and a current G5...both set up with 2GB RAM, 2 HDs)

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