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Topic: Eerie Strings

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    Eerie Strings

    Well, I decided to post up a nice mock-up of my latest piece, Eerie Strings, which uses EWQLSO Silver for a bass section and GPO for a solo violin.

    Eerie Strings (Completed Version)

    The theme is situated in the deep muddy forests of the Carolinas where you are bitten by a mystical venomous snake and you try to find your way back to the road you are caught in quicksand and the struggle to survive is a whole lot more difficult. A SUV driver spots you and you are rescued, but by then the effects of the venom are beginning to manifest in it's vicious lethal ways.

    This is the full version. Completed yesterday.


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    Re: Eerie Strings

    Yep! Eerie!!

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    Re: Eerie Strings

    If you were aiming for scary and unsettling.....you got there!!! I'd be frightened to close my eyes at night if I was working on this sort of piece!!!

    You're either a brilliant composer or you need to seek help!!! however, this would be so effective with the scene you describe.

    PS: I only made it through to 3:30 then I thought I heard a noise behind me

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