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Topic: GS3 "libraries"?

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    GS3 "libraries"?

    h'lo all,

    I'm a GS user who had used 2.5 as a sampler strictly to run orchestral libraries. When GS3 became available, I took a look and wasn't overwhelmed. But the additional polyphony *AND* the marketing blurb about "Included with GS3 Orchestra are over 10 GB of sample content contributed by...(long list here)" and so I thought, polyphony and a great batch of libraries? No brainer! I purchased and installed it.

    Now, granted I transferred all of the included libraries by dragging them on to my samples drive (as opposed to "installing" them via the initial GS3 install disc). And when I first ran GS3, QuickSound found them all, *BUT* aside from the GigaPiano and one (rather limited) offering from Vienna, *all* of the libraries I got were demos! Just a few notes - perhaps enough to tempt me to purchase them - but certainly not the useful, funcitional libraries I had anticipated.

    Now I'm looking at this month's Mix and there's a full page ad for GS3 touting "17 Gigabytes of musical reality...." Below it says, "Total free sample libraries included with GS3 Orchestra...". Now maybe when they say "sample", they mean "demo". We in real world recording use "sample" to mean samples.

    So, I'm really just sending this along to others who perhaps are still considering whether or not to jump to G3. The polyphony is a blessing, but if you're counting on all of those libraries listed in the marketing piece, you're outta luck, I think.


    bill myers, composer
    Mac G5 DP 2.3, Os 10.4.11, 4 Gig RAM running DigiPerf 5.13, PTools LE 7.4, Sibelius 5, Finale 2008,
    P4 1.7 Gig, XP SP2, 2 Gig RAM,running GigaStudio 3.2,
    3 x 20" LCDs, 2 x MOTU MTP AVs, Digi 002r
    Kurz K2000r, Roland XV-3080, Emu Pro II, Kurz PC2r, Alesis DM-Pro, Kurz Midiboard

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    Re: GS3 "libraries"?


    Didn't you get Giga Symphony with your GS3? It has almost all of the instruments of the orchestra and they are not demos. Woodwinds, Brass, Strings and Percussion.


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    Re: GS3 "libraries"?

    Quote Originally Posted by williemyers
    ..but certainly not the useful, funcitional libraries I had anticipated.
    Perhaps your expectations were too high. At least on the Tascam GS3 webpage, the "full vs. Demo" content is clear.

    Yes, as shown on the above webpage, a lot of the content IS "demo content". However, ALL of the content IS usable. The "full" versions from all those different companies would cost over $10,000. Hopefully you weren't expecting that.

    With these samplers, companies really have three options:
    - add NO sample content

    - add a small set of content created by one company (paid for)
    (e.g. NI's Kontakt comes with 2.5GB of content created by Yellow Tools)

    - add a small set of content created by multiple companies (probably donated), with the idea that more "complete" versions are available
    (e.g. NI's Kompakt comes with 2.0 GB of content created by different companies)

    I think Tascam's GS3 Orchestra content is really a mix of options 2 and 3:
    - Tascam probably paid money for VSL's specially created "Giga Symphony"
    - all other content was probably donated

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    Re: GS3 "libraries"?

    Some of the libraries come up with a demo patch loaded first. Dig a little deeper into the other patches within the .gig file and there's some very usable stuff there.


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    Re: GS3 "libraries"?

    My GS3 Solo came with both sample libraries (the Giga Piano) and some demos such as SAM Solo Sessions which gives one a few articulations and about an octave and a half range- perfectly good enough to write some music on to get an idea if you want to purchase the entire library- which of course is what I did...

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    Re: GS3 "libraries"?

    Between the VSL stuff and the pianos there's quite a bit to get going with in terms of freebies with GS3 orchestra. I don't even like GigaPiano II at all to be honest but the "demo" version of PMI's Bos 290 piano is very nice and quite useable. Also, you can visit the website of people like Project SAM and Westgate Studios and load up on terrific free stuff. Sampletekk now has an online store with downloadable samples ranging from $10 to $50.
    But, at the end of the day you'll have to pony up some dough and go shopping. Every time I drop a few hundred bucks for a library, I just think about how much buying a new keyboard like a Motif would cost- $3,000 or more- and how it wouldn't do a fraction of what I just bought is going to. IMO it helps to look at it that way.

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