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Topic: Modulation problems...

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    Modulation problems...

    I don\'t quite know how to explain this... but here\'s what happens:

    I get ready to record a passage. With the expressive instruments that use mod to crossfade from p to f, I usually play a bit to get the right level of dynamic I want to record.. using my slider (no wheels on my synth) to adjust. So then I\'m ready to record.. but if I just hit record and play, the instrument plays loudly.

    So I find that every time I record a passage with an expressive sample, after I hit record, I have to move the slider up then down to kind of \"reset\" it so it sends the MIDI signals to the sequencer.

    My question is this: isn\'t there some way to have my sequencer look at the current value of the mod wheel(slider)? I\'d prefer to not have to move the slider to send the mod values to Sonar. Any advice on this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Modulation problems...

    You can create a ModWheel envelope (CC1) for the track, and simply drag it to the setting you\'d like to begin with. That way, the searchback feature will pick it up whenever you start playback.

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    Re: Modulation problems...

    in Gigastudio or Sonar?

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    Re: Modulation problems...

    In any sequencer.

    It\'s just a matter of putting a tiny bit of mod wheel change at the beginning of the track. The sequencer then \'chases\' the last event before you play, sees a zero\'d mod wheel and transmits that setting to Giga.

    If you don\'t want to be in overdub mode, put the mod wheel info on another track. That way there\'s no way you can acciedntally drop in iver it.

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