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Topic: Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)

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    Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)

    hi there,

    I'm considering buying a GSIF-soundcard very shortly to be able to buy&use GS3 reasonably.. (can't imagine that it'd really be enjoyable with my SB!Live Platinum )
    Now, what sticks out for myself is the Firewire 410 mainly due to its portability, its wealth of connectors and because I won't need a analog mixer since there's already a volume knob on the device.

    Well, I've seen that that device doesn't support GSIF2 as yet. As well there are voices who claim that firewire cards stuck with bring a lot higher latency than PCI cards. Imagineable.
    Unfortunately, I don't have the barest idea to what extent that is... I've once read a value of 5ms, put how noticeable is that *practically*? I'm used to play a grand piano for nearly fifteen years, is it still possible to play classical music with such a device? (e.g. a piano concerto with hi-quality piano samples... I don't want to replace my grand with my DAW but I consider going towards composing so it'd be nice if that works)

    What is worse? The lack of GSIF2 or its external nature?
    Or won't it a problem at all?

    Thanks in advance,

    ps: my sys is AMD-3GHz / 1GB / dedicated 200GB SATA / PCI Firewire card, I think that shouldn't be a problem..

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    Re: Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)


    If firewire 410 is GSIF compatible, the only problem you have is that you'll not be able to use GS3 re wire feature. I am using M Audio AP 2496, not yet GSIF2 compatible, and have no problems at all.
    I just made an Emperor adagio, it sounds fine to me...


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    Post Re: Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)

    A little correction Ted, I have the Audiophile 2496, and I'm using GSIF 2 drivers with it. They're available since early October. Check it out yourself:

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    Re: Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)

    Yeah, the internal ones do support GSIF 2 since October. As for the Firewire devices, I contacted the M-Audio support and their answer was:

    We do not have GSIF2 drivers for the FW 410. We may offer GSIF2 support for all of our FireWire products soon, so you may want to keep an eye on our site for updates.


    We can't make any guarantees, but we are working on GSIF2 drivers for all of
    our FireWire interfaces, which we hope to release in the next few months. If
    one of our FireWire interfaces supports GSIF2, they all will, so don't worry
    about a new product with GSIF2 drivers while the others do not have them.
    So there's still some hope.. thanks Ted for confirming that GS3 with GSIF1 isn't a problem. How about external cards in general? I'm just sceptical because everyone herein seems to have internal cards. Is it just because they're cheaper or are there serious downsides like extremely higher and *noticeable* latencies that I overlook?

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Latency? GS3 w/o GSIF2 (M-Audio Firewire 410)

    I have a 1.8 MHz AMD laptop running a Firewire 410, and a 2.0 GHz AMD desktop with various Delta PCI cards (Delta DIO 2496, Audiophile 2496, and Delta 1010). On the laptop the samples are on an external USB2 drive, while the desktop uses a dedicated IDE drive.

    So far I've only run GS2, but I can get latencies down to 3-4 ms on both systems. According to Windows' task manager the laptop is burning about 15% more CPU than the desktop to get to this latency, but both work just fine. When playing live I usually go to 6-8 ms latency just to be safe, and I really can't tell much (if any) difference while playing. Both are quite snappy.

    The Firewire 410 is nice but unless you really need portability, I'd go with one (or two) Audiophile 192's instead. They're cheaper, faster since they're PCI, have balanced connections, and have GSIF2 drivers today. Also I've found the 410 to be more prone to audible hums and buzzes on gigs, perhaps because of its external power supply. The internal Delta PCI cards never seem to have hum/buzz problems.

    I also contacted M-Audio regarding GSIF2 drivers for their Firewire products, and they confirmed that the drivers are in the works. I have GS3 but haven't installed it yet. I've been kind of waiting for GSIF2 Firewire drivers to give me a reason to put GS3 on the laptop for live gigs. Mostly I use Giga for playing piano samples live, where GS2 is working fine for me so far.

    Best Regards,

    - Steve

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