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Topic: Gigastudio96 2.53 locks up when starting up

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    Gigastudio96 2.53 locks up when starting up

    This is happening more frequently lately.

    I run GigaStudio, and I see the splash screen come up. Then that\'s it.. it just locks up, and even if I hit ctrl+alt+del, I can\'t get the task manager to come up (WinXP). And the Windows explorer won\'t work so no start menu, nothing. I basically have to hard reset.

    I have an itching feeling either Norton Antivirus is causing this, or maybe SQL Server 2000. I might try uninstalling SQL Server since I don\'t use it anymore.

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    Re: Gigastudio96 2.53 locks up when starting up

    I setup Win XP in a separate partition from my day to day apps such as IE, Quicken, etc. This Win XP setup only has music apps installed and a very stripped down Norton Utilities with Disk Doctor and Speed Disk. I\'ve disabled all access to the internet and disabled hardware not needed. Norton Antivirus was not loaded as I do not have any network, Outlook or IE access. If you decide to do a 2nd OS such as WinXP then make the partition at least 4 GB. I made the mistake of only making a 3 GB partition which is not quite large enough.

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    Re: Gigastudio96 2.53 locks up when starting up

    This reminds me of a large number of threads in this section of the forum where people asked about the exact same problem with Versions 2.0:
    Freezes on startup. Search for \"freeze\", \"hang\" and \"crash\" in this forum and you\'ll find tons of such reports. (Btw. there are actual freezes and pseudo-freezes where Giga just takes hours to scan the drive for gigs)

    I wonder: Is Quicksound still causing problems in Version 2.5? Does a large number of samples cause trouble, or can one corrupt file cause a crash in 2.5?

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