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Topic: Sonar switches instruments automatically

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    Re: Sonar switches instruments automatically

    First, choose \"select all\" from the Edit menu, then choose \"Event List\" from the View menu.

    Make sure there are no patch change events, just to be sure.

    If there are none, then make SURE that the \"patch\" window in the track strips all say \"none.\" If there\'s anything in that patch selector besides \"none,\" then reset them (none will be the first item on the dropdown list).

    It will be one of those two things, for sure.

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    Re: Sonar switches instruments automatically

    Bruce, you are a genius. The problem I had was the patches were not set to \"none\" and once I did that, the instruments no longer changed.

    Many thanks for helping out this newbie.

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    Sonar switches instruments automatically


    I have finally been able to export my score from Encore to MIDI to add expression, controller changes, etc., to it but Sonar immediately changes the instruments in my score. This doesn\'t seem to matter what part of the score I start from. I dont know how it gets the patch change signal from the midi because Encore doesn\'t support patch changes so it doesn\'t exist in the score yet the first thing Sonar does is change my instruments.

    My equipment:
    * Gigastudio 96 2.53
    * Windows XP with 512 RAM
    * Encore 4.5
    * Cakewalk Sonar 1.31
    * Audiophile 2496

    Any one else have this problem? Any thoughts?? Thanks!


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