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Topic: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

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    Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Hey gang!

    I'm in the market for some samples packages and/or VST's that would be a nice pallet for a progressive rock band (Yes, Rush, Genesis, etc, but with a modern edge). Thus I'm looking into both atmospheric pad & lead sounds (I like synthy leads at times, but do not need an entire library), as well as various percussion sounds (rock kits, ethnic, etc).

    Some names that I've seen thrown around have been Atmosphere, Distorted Reality, StormDrum, and Drumkit from Hell. Any user opinions? Are these the best of the best, and therefore a great place to get started? Anything I'm missing that you find WAY cool?

    I was also curious if anyone has experience with the Korg Wavestation VST, and how it compares to the real thing. (I love that old synth!)

    Thanks in advance for your replies! When we finish our Demo, I'll make sure to post some clips and listings on what we used (if your interested).


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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Hi Jon,

    a long time ago, there was a Keith Emerson Signature sound set for the Ensoniq ASR-10...

    If you REALLY want to replace the kit of your drummer, then DFHS is cool. Artist Drums might be an alternative, but I haven't got my hands on it yet.
    I can't see why the virtual Wavestation shouldn't be able to replace the original one, which I still own and love.
    Distorted Reality is great for some haunting textures, and in fact I've already used it on a progressive rock album.
    I have no experience with Atmosphere so far, but the demos tell me it will go along very nicely with progressive rock arrangements.
    The only choice I'd like to question is Storm Drum. Don't get me wrong - I love the demos of this library and it's definately on my short list, but for progressive rock? Only if you want to stretch the boundaries of this genre (which, on the other hand, might be a good thing...)
    A Virus synth (hardware or software) for leads and fat textures might also come to mind, as well as a used Oberheim Matrix-1000.

    To learn where I come from, do a search for "Last Turion" on the net.

    Good luck with your search!

    Kai (from Germany)

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Sonic Reality's Sonik Synth 2 is due to be released in the next couple of weeks, and it sounds like it might be right up your alley. Some of the presets even emulate classic sounds from prog bands like Yes, Genesis, etc. Here's an mp3 that Squids at Sonic Reality did emulating Yes: www.sonicreality.com/squidscorner/YeSS2.mp3

    There's also a thread at KVR talking about it and which includes a massive listing of its presets (it has around 5000 presets, and over 8 GB of samples): http://www.kvr-vst.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=61790

    Of the synths you mentioned, I have Atmosphere and I love it for its great pads, though I find most of its lead sounds less inspiring. But you can't beat some of its pads.

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Hehe- I got this one!

    If yer serious about your vintage sounds I can't say enough about Arturia's MiniMoog V, MoogModular V and the CS-80 V. These are quite simply indespensible.
    For old school (70's) atmospehric stuff the CS-80 is great. If you want a more 80's/90's type sound I'm not sure what to reccomend though.
    DFHS is the total bomb for percussion and drums. Check this out (it's a WinMedia streaming file):


    That's DFHS, the MiniMoogV, NI's B4 (with a real Leslie) and assorted other stuff.
    It's a loooong track so hang in there!
    You should definitely post some stuff when you get some done!!

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Wow FredProgGH,

    that's a real cool track, pretty much enjoyed listening and you're right, the drum sound is very cool, some good drum programming too


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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    FredProgGH, very cool track. What is your guitar? Is this due for publication anytime soon? Great stuff!
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Hey, thanks!! The guitar is an Epiphone SG copy going through the Matchless amp sim on a Roland VS-2480. I'm not really much of a guitar player so it keeps me from overplaying which offsets all the keyboard overplaying

    This is just a solo project I've been dabbling with for over a year. The whole thing (in total it's about 45 minutes long) was finished apart from vocals but I was never happy with the drum programming. Obviously as far as I care that probelm is now fixed At some point I have to redo drums for the rest of the album and sing and it will be ready to go but it won't get realeased until after the new Glass Hammer album is done and that probably won't be until April or May next year. But it's sat around this long!

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Check out the Larry Seyer drums for prog rock. Pat's the current drummer in King Crimson (and the drums are the same that he plays in that band). I think that probably hits "modern prog rock" pretty much on the head. Big slappy toms, gut-punching kicks, a fine collection of snares...I'm not sure how you'd get much closer than that. It's GigaStudio 3.0 format, with excellent use of GigaPulse as a virtual "overheads" generator.

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    Well as great as I think Pat M. is his drum sound isn't nearly as "signature" a sound as Bill Bruford's was. Pat's sound is actually a lot more modern, but that's not a bad thing at all. I remember hearing he did a lib. Will have to check it out!! Pat's a heck of a drummer. (I was a Mr. Mister fan too!)

    The realism that you can get with DFHS' virtual mic setup blows me away though. I'm only probably getting 65% of its potential out of it at this point. They are a bit deep!!

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    Re: Suggestions of Samples for Progressive Rock

    That's a shame. I've heard some real horror stories about people using DFHS. Luckily, for me under Sonar it's been flawless.

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