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Topic: The Conductor.

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    Question The Conductor.

    Some of you and maybe all of you but not every one of you but I have then again I don't right now but would love to someday again conduct a full orchestra. Heh Heh.... What would you say makes for a good conductor aside from knowing the score inside out and the capabilities of each instrument as a solo or ensemble section so on and so on? And please, don't start giving me the shaft jokes or the little stick jokes or did you hear the one about the conductor who started rehearsals with a ... never mind.

    Really, no ... riley, what makes for a good conductor. (No, not the train conductor simplex! )

    I've been asked to conduct again. Uh Oh!

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    Re: The Conductor.

    Confidence. Don't let the orchestra know you're new.

    Know the material well. A friend of mine who conducts all over the world and told me a story anout a very well know orchestra that wanted to test him. It was his first time in front of them, in a studio situation. One of the members of the celli section played something wrong, very quietly, intentionally though. He caught the mistake immediately, stopped the rehearsal and checked with the player to make sure his part was correct. From that point on, he earned that orchestra's respect. Now they give him 100% everytime.

    Just be prepared.

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    Re: The Conductor.

    I feel that the same talent to direct a real orchestra is the same talent that is needed with the use of GPO. Direct the piece with feeling, emotion and timing that is needed to for the piece to be effective.
    In the music business, there is no exception to having critical, really sharp ears to hear the things that need to be heard as a conductor. IMHO

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