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Topic: nfx4 and registration

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    nfx4 and registration

    after trying unsuccesfully to register online i had to do a manual register via the phone. so the tascam rep told me i can\'t get the free nfx 4 effect!
    am i missing out on anything? is there a place to download it??

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    Re: nfx4 and registration

    That\'s completely ridiculous. It\'s their error. Try going to the version updates page and enter the required serial numbers (which are available in your Giga help/about screen as described on the update web page). The latest Giga and NFX4 updates are available from there. If you can\'t get in, pound them on the Tascam forum, email, and/or phone until they help you. As a registered user you\'re entitled to the same update benefits everyone else gets.

    That said, NFX4 is a rather benign and limited 3-band EQ but does have some usefulness. It\'s interface looks exactly like the EQ portion of the chorus and reverb plugs. You can MIDI-automate all the controls if you wish.

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    Re: nfx4 and registration

    Do you already have your registration number and registration key? If you have these you\'re always able to download everything for your GigaStudio.
    If you have a GigaStudio version that doesn\'t support NFX 4 for free, then you\'ll have to buy the NFX4.

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    Re: nfx4 and registration

    Hello Mike,

    Just wondering if you got your situation resolved. Let us know if you are still \"EQ-less\".


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    Re: nfx4 and registration

    finnlly got it fater some whining and bitching

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    Re: nfx4 and registration

    Hello Mike,

    Glad you got it resolved.


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