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Topic: Mars: Bringer of War - Demo by Francesco

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    Mars: Bringer of War - Demo by Francesco

    Francesco has submitted 'Mars: Bringer of War' from Gustav Holst 'The Planets' Suite. This has been reworked based on the input from forum members. This demo was done with the new GPO free updates.

    Holst brings us face to face with the horror of war in the most-famous movement in the Planets suite. Part of this will sound familiar to science fiction fans as there have been variations of this piece in various films. The relentless and aggressive march in 5/4 time evokes the martial rhythm of military drums and underscores the menacing melody. Ample use of brass instruments reinforces the militaristic tone, with high trumpet fanfares rising above the ominous lower brass.

    Here is the previous version Francesco did: http://www.garritan.com/mp3/MARS-MP3.mp3


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Mars: Bringer of War - Demo by Francesco

    I just listened to this again. This is an excellent testament to the quality of GPO. The update particularly shines in this piece and I think showcases it very well. I really like how the new brass sounds in this piece. The strings are also much approved and well suited to this piece. Just the right amount of 'bite' on the attack. Lends itself well to the imagery of the piece. Excellent work Francesco, but I would expect no less. Makes me wish you lived closer, I've got a thing or two to learn.

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    Cool! I like this mock-up. It's been one of my favorites and I like Francesco's interpretation.

    This could not have been all GPO could it? How was the col legno done? My GPO doesn't have col legno. Was another library used for the col legnos?

    In another thread other versions of Mars were mentioned. Is there a link?

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    Re: Mars: Bringer of War - Demo by Francesco

    The col legno effect was achieved by overdubbing percussion over pizzicato strings.

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