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Topic: From Halion to Gigastudio

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    From Halion to Gigastudio

    Hi I have been using halion for about a year now and I have just started using Gigastudio again. Im wondering exactley how you are supposed to use gigastudio. You see what i would do in Halion would be to either play out a midi part or write it out then add it to an instrument in halion and then mix it all up in cubase. How is gigastudio supposed to work?, I mean is it just supposed to be used only with a midi keyboard and to record 1 bit at a time, This has serious limits and is gonna be painful to use. Gigastudio plays stuff miles better than halion, uses less power. I would be interested in hearing exactley how you guys all use gigastudio exactley please. Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

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    Re: From Halion to Gigastudio

    Gigastudio creates it\'s own midi in/out ports. you simply open gigastudio, launch your sequencer internally from gigastudio. select the desired giga-out ports from your sequncer and play. just think of gigastudio as an \'external\' device.


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    Re: From Halion to Gigastudio

    I run Giga on a separate PC to the sequencer. I build up all the parts on the sequencer and bounce any parts which require TLC to the recorder, where I have processors to play with. In the end most mixes are a combination of live Gigastudio parts playing from the Giga PC, and tracks on the recorder.

    Giga can be made to record into Cubase depending on your soundcard\'s routing facilities. I\'ve never bothered because Cubase and Giga on the same PC max out my meagre PIII800 CPU...

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