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Topic: GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

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    GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

    A friend is setting up a one-computer Win XP system for GigaStudio together with an audio sequencer. Is there anyone who have a positive experience of this, and can recommend an Audio Sequencing software+Sound card that will work without a hassle?

    The computer is a PIV 2.2GHz system.


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    Re: GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

    Creamware Luna2
    + XP Pro
    + P4-2.2ghz
    + 512meg ram
    + Logic
    + Giga
    = -----------
    160notes of polyphony
    + 32 independant channels for GSIF
    + 3ms latency
    + bunch of realtime effects
    + realtime monitoring and mixing of all channels directly in sequencer

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    Re: GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

    While I would love to second the suggestion of Logic that\'s not possible. EMagic has discontinued all Windows products as of September 30th. Thus the choice is CuBase or Cakewalk or other Windoze based sequencers. My guess would be CuBase SX and the RME Hammerfall audio card. The RME system has the most efficient ASIO drivers (hard wired into the card) and this frees up CPU resources for important stuff like recording or playing tracks and plugins.

    As an existing user I\'m staying with Logic on Windows, but in a year or two I\'ll have some thinking to do.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

    Hammerfall is an IO card, luna is much more.

    Can you route your 32 gsif output internaly to asio channels so one could directly record giga output in SX audio channels for example? Without the need for external gear?

    How much cost and hammerfall? Does it have midi IO? analog IO? Mixer? Effects?

    If you want IO only, hammerfall is a top performer, but if you want a machine that can do it all, Luna is seriously to consider.

    BTW steve, creamware also have their ASIO hardwired, like RME, poured into hardware! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GS/Audio Sequencer/Sound Card???

    Hey Marcus and Steve,

    Thanks for the input. Actually my friend has been seriously considering Logic (which they still sell as a PC-platform sequencer in Sweden, where he is!!!).

    Does anyone have a working setup with a MidiMan Soundcard? Or any other soundcard for that matter..?


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