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Topic: +++ StylusRMX LFO Sync issue +++

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    +++ StylusRMX LFO Sync issue +++

    First off RMX really is an incredible rhythm synthesiser.

    I really like being able to manipulate rhythm loops in such a musical way.

    Unfortunately I have an issue with the LFO sync. (With SX 2.2)

    The LFO is in sync with the tempo.
    But: The LFO-Waveforms (shapes) are not restarted in sync.

    I’m using the LFO to drive the Filter (& what a great filter).
    It is set on 2X, so the LFO-Waveform repeats every 2 bars.

    But, sadly, the LFO-Waveform isn’t reset. It just pick’s-up from where it left off.

    This basically gives me unpredictable LFO behaviour.
    The song never sounds the same twice. Whilst this may be advantageous in some scenarios, in others it’s completely un-musical. It can go from being a really cool effect to an unwelcome one, depending from which point in the LFO cycle it’s playing from.

    Presently, if you stop your song mid phrase, the LFO-Waveform stops at this point too.
    If you restart your song, the LFO-Waveform carries on from where it left off.
    Therefore, if you’re using the ramp-up, to ramp-up the filter cut-off every 2-bars, it may not start from the bottom of the ramp.
    Preferably I’d like to hear the filter ramp up from fully closed to fully open in-sync with the duration of the 2-bar phrase.
    But, because the LFO-Waveform is not reset at the beginning of the phrase, the ramp may start from nearly fully open and then fully close mid way through the 2-bar phrase.
    This gives an un-predictable and perhaps unwanted effect.

    I would find it preferable if the LFO-Waveform could be reset when restarting the song.
    Or perhaps when the song is stopped.
    Or perhaps when the rhythm loop it is associated with is restarted.
    Somehow, the start of the LFO-Waveform needs to be reset in-sync with the song tempo.

    The work-around is to midi-learn RETRIG, and fire this on & off just for the last slice in the groove.

    I’d appreciate hearing if anyone else has found this anomaly, or how you might think the LFO should behave, or what I’m perhaps not setting to achieve this.

    Aside from this, everything is working fine with SX 2.2 on a PC, even with Quick Time installed and not using Old Host Behaviour.


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    Re: +++ StylusRMX LFO Sync issue +++

    Yes...the LFO is currently reset to the slice and not the measure or song position.

    This is extremely tricky to do and get it working properly with all the hosts, but a second LFO retrigger option is something we'd like very much to do.

    It's on the list ;-)


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